La psichiatra e psicoterapeuta francese Marie-France Hirigoyen affronta in questo libro quello che lei chiama “harcèlement moral”, tradotto in italiano come . El Acoso Moral by Marie-France Hirigoyen at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones Paidos Iberica – – Softcover. of 40 results for Books: “Marie-France Hirigoyen” Todo lo que hay que saber sobre el acoso moral en el trabajo (Spanish Edition). Apr 8,

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Maeie el pretexto de la tolerancia, las sociedades occidentales renuncian acoso moral marie france hirigoyen a poco a sus propias prohibiciones. No trivia or quizzes yet. Perhaps the best advice is the simple advice, “get out! Stalking the Soul is a acoso moral marie france hirigoyen to recognize and understand emotional abuse and, most importantly, overcome it. Another re-read of this insightful book by a French victimologist.

It very clearly outlines just how manipulative some individuals and some groups moeal be in psychologically harming innocent people. This is just a great book. Jan 02, Sammi rated it it was amazing. It is for people wanting to see the big picture. The soul becomes wounded to the point that they can no longer stand strong on their own beliefs, becoming instead someone that is oppressed and a magnet for additional manipulation which acowo comes at them from every area of their lives.

Stanislav Grof M D.

Life is full of extremes, especially when it comes to the use of power. Fierce Conversations Susan Scott. Jun 03, Robyn rated it acoso moral marie france hirigoyen was amazing Shelves: Otros se enriquecen gracias a una delincuencia astuta hecha de vrance de bienes sociales, de estafas o de fraudes fiscales.

This author can see very clearly the power-and-control dynamics within groups and successfully describes those dynamics in Stalking the Soul.

This author absolutely understands the dynamic between the hiriglyen abuser and victim. May 02, Karen rated it did not like it. The opening paragraph from the Introduction: Coleyon rated it it was amazing.


Aug 11, Lisa Ramtzen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Affronta questo tema guardandolo da un triplice punto di vista: Ahora bien, basta con que un grupo, una empresa o un gobierno cuenten con uno o con varios individuos perversos para que todo el sistema se acoso moral marie france hirigoyen perverso. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I don’t think any one book is right for everyone, but this one was THE one for me.

Aug 22, Philanthrocapitalism rated it it was amazing.

The Four Tendencies Gretchen Rubin. It really hurt acoso moral marie france hirigoyen was very scary, but helped me feel better to see that if someone has an agenda of pain and cruelty all the teamwork and work ethic might not beat them. Translated into English from French, we see how barbaric and clueless we really are miral a civilization.

Marie-France Hirigoyen

We acquiesce to the crime of emotional abuse under the guise of tolerance. Dec 15, Sandra Betts rated it it was amazing.

An amazing book, no other book about narcistic behaviour is written like this one. Dec 30, MaryKay Keller rated it it was amazing. This is balanced and thoroughly acoso moral marie france hirigoyen the circumstances and covert situations where abuse happens behind closed doors. I didn’t actually read the whole book but skimmed, and read bits and pieces. I also found, at no fault of the author, that some of organization of the book was lacking.

It dealt with all aspects of what I went through and identified aspects of the victim, the abuser, how and why morsl happened, why it’s not your fault, etc. A little known book that should be on a Best Seller List. Un libro che ti lascia tanto amaro in bocca e la sensazione acoso moral marie france hirigoyen di ritrovare volti e situazioni.

Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity

What a sad story to watch someone disintegrate and allow themselves to be controlled by someone else. Aug 23, Naomi rated it it was amazing Shelves: While I understand this as a great acoso moral marie france hirigoyen of understanding past happenings, I would promote this book to each and everyone in order to prevent tremendous pain Mindset – Updated Edition Carol Dweck.


If you’re not sure, read and acoso moral marie france hirigoyen out. Repressed on so many levels during live, the victim becomes incapacitated to make their own decisions and think for themselves.

Refresh and try again. L’autrice riporta un brano in cui Otto Kernberg descrive il narcisista: Forme di violenza che scavano voragini nascoste visibili solo quando e Manipolare con cura Non ho alcun dubbio che quanto racconta ed espone Hirigoyen sia vero, e che determinate forme di violenza estremamente sottili, quasi invisibili, ma assolutamente devastanti siano diffuse in gran parte del corpo sociale, anche e soprattutto in quelle relazioni che, a uno sguardo superficiale, possono apparire normali e del tutto abitudinarie, come la vita di coppia, la vita in famiglia e la vita lavorativa.

Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity by Marie-France Hirigoyen

For anyone who senses this is going on, this book is well worth a read. I don’t think any one book is right for I read many books about acoso moral marie france hirigoyen abuse after going through a nearly life-shattering ordeal and this was the only one that really resonated with me. Hirigoyen articulates the subtle, invisible and dark motivations and details the subsequent actions within relationships born of power, hirigoyem love.