The digital (e-book) version of the ACR BI-RADS® Atlas (5th Edition) is now available. You may download the e-book on up to 5 devices and take the atlas with. The much-anticipated fifth edition of the American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast. Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) lexicon was released. 15 Apr Initially developed in , the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) lexicon serves to.

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These ultrasonographic masses are elliptical, with up to lobulations. However, the descriptors are not specific enough to avoid a biopsy to confirm suspicion.

It is not clear whether calcifications outside of a mass can mean calcifications without a mass. Here is one such lesion, shown in orthogonal projections.

Right breast, 9 o’clock position, middle third of the breast. Examples of reporting Indication for examination Painful mobile lump, lateral in right breast.

The Radiology Assistant : Bi-RADS for Mammography and Ultrasound

Articles from Ultrasonography are provided here courtesy of Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine. Endomag, the surgical guidance company, received k clearance from the U.

This implies a suspicious vi. Don’t use if prior mammography or US are irrelevant, because the finding is already suspicious. If Mammography and US are performed: Obscured or partially obscured, when the margin is hidden by superimposed fibroglandular tissue.

The images show a fat-containing lesion with a popcorn-like calcification. Architectural distortion The term architectural distortion is used, when the normal architecture is distorted with no definite mass visible. Management The palpable cyst was painful, after informed consent uncomplicated puncture for suction of the cyst was performed.


Shadowing is associated with fibrosis, with or without carcinoma. By subdividing Category 4 into 4A, 4B and 4Cit is encouraged that relevant probabilities for malignancy be indicated within this category so the patient and her physician can make an informed decision on the ultimate course of action.

For instance if there is a mass that causes architectural distortion, acr bi rads atlas 5th edition likelihood of edjtion is greater than in the case of a mass without distortion. Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: However in the right breast a group of amorphous and fine pleomorphic calcifications was seen.

Associated features play a role in the final assessment. Another example of a cyst does not show the classic acr bi rads atlas 5th edition of a simple cyst. There may be variability within breast imaging practices, members of a group practice should agree upon a consistent policy for documenting. This schema is simplified for ease of use, but there are still lesions 5tth do not fall neatly into one of these strict definitions.

These image-findings are diagnostic for a hamartoma – also known as fibroadenolipoma. The illustrated atlas contains more than clinical images and numerous charts, tables and diagrams.

On US poorly characterized compared with mammography, but can be recognized as echogenic foci, particularly when in a mass. Conflict of interest relevant to this article was not reported.

ACR BI-RADS Atlas, Fifth Edition eBook | DAIC

Mammography should be used to confirm before editiion calcifications as being present. Calcifications The distribution should be measured by approximation of its greatest linear dimension. Findings No previous exams available.

Architectural distortion can also be seen as an associated feature. Referral from general practitioner.

Fifth Edition ACR BI-RADS Atlas Now Available

Enlarge the table by clicking on the image. These were the result of lipofilling, which is transplantation of body fat to the breast.


Appropriate Action Should Be Taken: Modifications achieve several overarching goals, namely harmonizing lexicons across modalities mammography, US, and MRIanticipating the growing trends of supplemental screening and specialized technologies such as automated breast Editio and elastography, and helping to guide us towards an effective and efficient interpretation and reporting.

Lesions appropriately placed in this category include: Here a hyperdense mass with an irregular shape and a spiculated margin. Not parallel is more concerning than parallel, but acr bi rads atlas 5th edition not specific to a malignancy. This proved to be DCIS with invasive carcinoma. Some areas in the breasts are sufficiently dense to obscure small masses. No indication for follow-up, unless symptoms return, as explained to the acr bi rads atlas 5th edition.

Fujifilm Medical Systems U. The choices are no posterior acoustic features, enhancement, shadowing, or a combined echo pattern.

The term density describes the degree of x-ray attenuation of breast tissue but not discrete mammographic findings.

Thus, the radiologist could render a BI-RADS 3 reading and wtlas offer a US-guided biopsy for the diagnosis, if this would help in clinical management. The radiologist acr bi rads atlas 5th edition use judgment and communicate the details of the case through the prose description.

It is important to assess all projections and carry out the scan in real time. A benign lesion, although unlikely, is a possibility.