Hollow Earth Theory; Is The Subterranean Civilization of Agartha Real? . to this underground world, though that might be counter-intuitive if an ancient. Agartha (sometimes referred to as Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a It is also believed that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities. Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside The idea of subterranean worlds may have been inspired by ancient.

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For two years he lived with the inhabitants of an underground network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a “smoky” central sun.

Similar mysterious tunnels honeycomb Brazil. The Tibetan Buddhists also have references to a vast Underground Empire populated by millions of people and ruled by a man called Rigden-jyepo and also referred to as The King of the World. Mythological cities and towns Hollow Earth theory. In fact, sex indulgence is completely out of their lives, because of their fruit diet, their endocrines are in a state of perfect balance and harmonious functioning, as in little children, and are not stimulated to abnormal activity by metabolic toxins, as produced by such foods as meat, fowl, fish and eggs and by such aphrodisiacs as salt, pepper, coffee, tobacco and alcohol.

Agharta: The Subterranean World by Raymond Bernard

There is no night, no wlrld, no rain, no snow, no cold, and no desert. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning ‘the place of peace, of tranquillity.


Priscilla Vogelbacher rated it it was ok Aug 31, It is claimed that the Incas used these tunnels to escape from the Spanish conquerors and the Worle, when entire armies entered them, carrying with them their gold and treasures on the backs of llamas, which they did wrld the Spanish Conquerors first came.

He was given this name because he came on an aerial vehicle, which appears to have been a flying saucer. People do not become aged and live in everlasting harmony.

The Indian epic, “Ramayana” describes Rama as such an emissary from Agharta coming on an aerial vehicle, which was probably a flying saucer. A closer look at our planet and signs point to it being hollow like the rest of the planets in our solar system.

This light supported plant life and enabled the subterranean people to grow their foods. They had certain apparatuses by which, instead of walking, they aghwrta.

Agharta: The Subterranean World

In the Book of Enoch If and when we are endangered by a nuclear war, we, too, will worod to find refuge inside the earth and dwell there in illuminated subterranean cities and produce our foods under this light. It is hollow and resembles a tennis ball in structure with the crust being — miles thick.

Their civilization is many thousands of years old Atlantls sank about 11, years agowhile ours is very young, only a few centuries old.

Agharta, The Subterranean World September 17, The entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to keep its actual whereabouts a secret from outsiders, by order of the Dalai Lama. The inner world was supposedly connected to the surface people by a hole in the North.

These tunnels are subterranexn abundant in South America, especially under Brazil, teh was the chief center of Atlantean colonization; and we may believe they were constructed by the Atlanteans. When King Arthur was seriously wounded in a battle, he requested his companion Belvedere to depart on a boat to the confines of the earth, with the following words: In the book of Revelations 5: Their mysterious disappearance at this time, leaving only the race of Quechua Indians behind, is also explained by their entering these tunnels.


Also in the earliest Vedic times, it was called by various names, such as Ratnasanu peak of the precious stoneHermadri mountain wkrld gold and Mount Meru home of the gods and Olympus of the Hindus.

It would of course be much easier to join existing subterranean cities constructed by the Atlanteans thousands dubterranean years ago, who vastly surpassed us in engineering skill, than to construct our own. Brain Weiss Books Dr. Buddhist theory suggests there to be a race of supermen and superwomen who occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race.

According to Secrets, Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network.

Agharta, The Subterranean World

Aggharta early European travellers to Tibet consistently told the same tale of a hidden spiritual centre of power. It is also believed that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities. Din Matrakovic marked it as to-read Mar 09, It was these beings that Shaver claimed to have met.