Buy ASME TDP Recommended Practices For Prevention Of Water Damage To Steam Turbines Used For Electric Power Generation: Fossil-fueled Plants. asme tdp 1 sai global store industry standards. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 sai pdf – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 pdf. – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in gigabyte gv-r96pd driver turbine water damage.

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The required time of operation of the block valves is then calculated by using the larger fdp rate of the above two conditions and the usable pipe and heater storage volume between the high-high level and the block valve.

They shall also have a manual override to open in the control room for use during start-up. If such devices are developed and marketed, consideration should be given to including this instrumentation.

All annunciators shall be checked for alarm indications. Operators need to give priority to investigating all actions of turbine-waterinduction-influenced sensors and controls. Dump flow shall be directed away from turbine components by properly designed spargers, tpd, and flow deflectors. The maximum flow of water from conditions described in para. The broad acceptance that this Standard has received caused ASME to decide to reissue it in mandatory language rather than a recommended practice.

No attempt should be made to free a locked rotor by use of a crane or by the admission of steam to the turbine.

ASME TDP-1 2013.pdf

Under certain conditions, opening these drain valves will allow the steam system to depressurize, which may produce quenching of the steam generator superheater and motive steam piping.

This revision was approved as an American National Standard on February 5, This revision was approved as an American National Standard on November 6, Each drain shall consist of a drain line connection or tdpp drain pot connected directly to the bottom asem the motive steam line.

During turbine operation, contact pyrometers, thermocouples, or other temperature sensors may be used for this check. June 7, This Standard will be revised when the Society approves the issuance of a new edition. These once-through units may also use sliding pressure start-up and may not include steam path block valves.


Condensate on the shell side is removed by the heater drain system. The valve may be automatic or remote manual, with actuation initiated by the control system automatically automatic valve or by the operator manually from the control room. Any additional valving in the line to the condenser shall also be forced open. If used, drain pots shall be fabricated from 4 in. This code or standard was developed under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria for American National Standards.

Such areas as superheater attemperators, boiler start-up systems, high drum levels, and undrained superheaters are potential sources of water. Design, operating, and maintenance instructions shall be tailored to suit specific conditions of each installation to provide reliable protection. If the exhaust duct has low points, they shall be drained using a drain pot as described in para. The drain connection at the storage tank shall be located high enough on the tank shell or configured with a standpipe so that the tank is not drained dry if the drain valve should fail open.

We need your help! A tsp drain valve shall be 3. Proper operation of drain or bypass systems is needed to ensure that these recommendations are not exceeded.

All testing shall aeme complete control loop tests of normal and redundant systems from the initiating signal to the action the indicating signal is intended to perform. These heaters are often provided with a separate storage tank.

Drum-type steam generators employ a large drum to separate steam from the water as it boils in the tubes. This was due to perceived lack of interest and use by the industry. For example, if a hdp valve is closed automatically based on a timer, something other than the timer, such as a level switch that would alarm if water were still present in the steam line, shall be used to verify that the timer initiation was appropriate.

This is connected to the hotwell and to the condenser shell. This connection can be used with the drains in the system as a bleed-off point for warming the motive steam line during start-up. The required speed of operation of these power-operated isolation and bypass valves shall be determined according to the method of para.


This system may pose a risk for turbine water induction if incorrectly designed. The drain piping shall be sloped in the direction of flow away from the steam turbine. We need your help to maintenance this website. Where applicable, the valves shall be operated from the control room and determined to open and close properly by observing control room indicating lights.

Asje or axial exhaust or ducted turbine 3. An oversized drain pot shall be considered to enhance water collection at high steam velocity. A drip pot or dirt catcher may be capped, flanged, or provided with a blowdown valve for occasionally cleaning out the pocket.

Drain pots shall be at least 9 in.

A power-assisted check valve s is normally provided in the extraction line to the DC heater. Drain ttdp may also be used to assist gravity drainage for systems with low-pressure differentials. Some of the many types of condensers are defined in para. Water detection and removal features between an extraction steam line and the block valve shall be designed in accordance with this section and the requirements for extraction steam lines. An operator training review is recommended 3.

The power-operated drains are used to heat the auxiliary drive turbine steam supply piping. Testing shall be done in a manner that approximates as closely as possible the actual flooding of a heater without endangering the 4.

ASME TDP-1 pdf – Free Download PDF

In the once-through type of steam generator, which does not use a drum, the feedwater is converted to motive steam conditions as it passes directly through the tubes.

The high-high alarm shall be an indication as,e the heater isolation system second line of defense has been called into operation. This water can be injected into the turbine if flow is increased rapidly.