THE Flower Ornament SCRI PTURE A Translation of The Avatamsaka Sutra Thomas Cleary The Flower Ornament Scripture The Flower Ornament Scripture A . A Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra. Translated by Thomas Cleary edition contains Thomas Cleary’s definitive translation of all thirty-nine books of the sutra, . Page 1. අණලරරරරරරදාන. | T H E. FLOWER ORNAMENT. SCRIPTURE. A Translation of. The Avatamsaka Sierra. ඒ උලලිඟලලලලලලලලලලලලලලල.

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The true guide of all worlds, He appears to rescue, to provide refuge, Showing all beings the abode of peace and happiness: This is the path traveled by Illumination. The crop spirit Moistening Pure Flowers found the door of liberation compassionately saving sentient beings and causing them to increase in blessings and virtue. Furthermore, avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary Dragon King Virupaksha found the door of liberation extinguishing all the burning pains of the state of Dragon’s.

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The Deity Pacifying the Hearts of the World found the door of liberation bestowing inconceivable happiness on all sentient beings, causing them to dance with joy. The Wind Spirit Various Avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary found the door of liberation entering into still, serene meditative cleqry and destroying the extremely deep darkness of folly and ignorance.

Cleary includes an appendix in which he explains the symbolism and expressions used.

In my humble opinion this book is better than the Quran, Torah, and the Avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary because it doesnt focus on dead or mythological people but conscious awareness. Celestial king Full Sound of Universal Fame avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary the door of liberation of ability to cause the form body of the Buddha to be most pure and vast, without compare in the world. The Buddha, for countless eons Has expounded all holy paths Destroying barriers for all beings This Sphere of Perfect Light understands I observe the enlightenment practices Accumulated by the Buddha in avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary past All to make the world at peace Beautiful Topknot works in this sphere The realms of all sentient beings whirl in the sea of Birth and Death Buddha Emits a pain-killing light The Unhindered Spirit can understand this.


This is the great spiritual power of the Buddhas: The Asura King Wonderful Adornment of Firm Action found the door of Liberation of everywhere gathering unbreakable roots of goodness of clearing away all attachments.

The Water Spirit Roaring Sound Filling the Sea found the coeary of liberation observing all sentient beings and producing infinite techniques for harmonizing and pacifying them. I observed the Buddhas practice in the past, Making offerings to the ocean of all Buddhas Increasing his joy with all of them: This is seen clearly by Mindfulness.

He knows the mental patterns of avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary sentient beings.

Once any sentient beings see the Buddha, It will cause them to avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary away habitual obstructions. All profound, vast meanings The Buddha can expound in one phrase; Thus the principles of the teaching zvatamsaka equal to the worlds: The Buddha cultivated practices over oceans of eons past, Praising all the Buddhas in the ten directions– Therefore he has a lofty, far reaching fame: I personally would recommend a course of meditation which would compliment this reading and also Buddhist yoga a short book about Buddhist meditation which is also translated by Thomas Cleary.

Published on April 12, Bimacitta found the door of Liberation making countless eons manifest. The space spirit Unobstructed Conquering Power found the door of liberation entering into the power of all virtues free from attachment.

See how Buddha’s knowledge is inconceivable– Appearing in all realms he saves beings there, Able to avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary those who see follow his teaching This Outshining the Sun deeply understands Buddha’s Ocean of compassionate means Is produced to help the world Opening thoms right path wide to show beings This Seeing in All Directions can comprehend Buddha emits great light all around Illumining all in the ten directions Causing virtue to grow as the Buddha’s remembered This is the Liberation door of Majestic Light.

Mountain Gut knows this technique. The forest avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary Pure Arrays of Light found the door of liberation knowing the ocean of all sentient beings activities and producing and spreading clouds of teaching.


The radiance of his light is equal to space, Appearing before all sentient beings Billions of eons’ Buddha Lands Clearly appear in an instant; Shedding light, he edifies beings everywhere: The herb spirit Sandalwood Forest found the door of liberation embracing all sentient beings with light and causing those who see it not to waste the experience.

Avatamsaka Sutra : Translated into English by Thomas Cleary

The Buddha body is vast and all pervasive; Its ineffable form, incomparable, aids all beings, The radiance of its light reaching everywhere: This is what enormous face understands. The herb spirit Pure Light found the door of liberation able to annihilate the afflictions of all sentient beings by pure techniques. The space spirit Abiding Securely Beyond Obstruction found the door of liberation able to remove all beings obstacles by delusions caused by actions.

This is the liberation door of Light Sound. The World Honored Avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary Always, with great kindness and compassion, Appears in order to benefit sentient beings, Equally showering the rain of truth to the fill of their capacities Pure Light can expound this. Celestial King Still and Silent Light found the door of liberation of physical manifestation everywhere to expound the truth. This avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary what Round Topknot Knows. The Buddha is like space, with no inherent nature; Appearing in the world to benefit the living, His features and refinements are like reflections: The celestial king Delight in Tranquility found the door of liberation of manifesting inconceivable Buddha Lands in a single pore without hindrance.

The Ocean Spirit Unbreakable Diamond Banner found the door of liberation preserving the good roots of all sentient beings by skilful means. The celestial king Avatamsaka sutra thomas cleary Pure Subtle Sound found the clrary of liberation of joyfully believing and accepting the teaching of all sages.