Wondering which wall colours will work the best in your home? Find colour shades from the Berger Paints Color Palette & see your walls come alive with colour. Silky Smooth perfection now comes in 50 exclusive shades. Here is a peek at the Vinyl Silk Colour Card showcasing the product features and colour range. BERGER. Inspirations. Interior Colour Collection. Njed,. Nature. ColoULUS For critical matches, a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and.

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Is Asian paints available only in Asia? They offer us quality of colorful paints for our interiors, exteriors, metal and wood. Submit any pending changes before berger paints shade card in this page. Asian paints offer very vast variety of colors for our walls. How is Berger express painting service?

When it comes to choosing what paint, the options narrow down to the big three in the Indian market: This page may be bergre of date. Both the company maintain a good reputation.

Why do some Asians hate being Asian? Berger paints shade card in, if we chart out a comparison between the two, Asian Paints wins. Ask New Question Sign In. Which is best for wood painting, Asian paints or dulex? Asian Paints has a wider range of products than Berger, for both interiors and syade. No Asian Paint berger paints shade card in leader in India, it is easily available across cities town.


Product from Asian Paints: For example its like a toothpaste brand, u ask for colgate always. In monetary terms and quality, i will suggest go with berger, as its way cheaper and good quality same as asian.

Plus you might get a better deal from the dealer as Berger runs more aggressive deaer schemes. What is a better paint, Asian or Berger?

But the quality of the surface finish as well as the durability is very high. Both berger and Asian paints are taking contracts to paint individual houses too. Only the i is product cost. Both of them have same quality products.

If you are looking for a very good finish, better shine and smooth walls, go for Asian paints high end paints. Often most the paint companies, order the Base paint from same local manufacturer. How big is Asian paints?

Berger Colour Chart

The company offers quality colorful paints for their costumers includes home owners, professional and industrial users, because of its quality products the company attained instant recognition worldwide. Is Asian paints a good place to work for?

You can explore more about the Berger Products H ere. Thanks to the Paintx your Spouse home makeover eventI had an alright experience with Asian Paints.

Asian Paints Case 2: Save your draft before berger paints shade card in this page.


It is ranked as one among the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today. Thank you for your feedback!

On the other hand, Berger has limited products in each category. What is your review of Asian Paints? The quality of pajnts range of paints in both companies remain same. We can paints our home berger paints shade card in according to our imagination with the help of Berger paints. Overall, the Product and Decor Range is so High, that customer has all possible design and arts to select from.

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I received some amazing suggestions from you all regarding paint color last September. My answer is Asian is best paint.

They work towards to meet quality requirements of the domestic market. But, I knew the quality of the work would be good comparatively so went with Asian. Asian paints are the market leader in the paint India industry because of their sharp leadership in the decorative paint segments.

Follow our Channel Knowledge Core. White berger paints shade card in my favorite for living and dining as everything stands out against a white background. Both Asian Paints and Berger Paints, are widely popular brands of paints in the country.

Budget price, shorter duration: The look and feel of the products in the Royale range of Asian Paints is relatively better than Silk of Berger. Thank you Ramkrishna Dutta for the A2A. The companies prescribes certain procedures to apply the paint, painter’s workmanship for shaxe special effects. It depends on what quality of surface finish you are expecting.

Berger paints shade card in is parent company of Berger Paints?