‘Chaupai Sahib Hindi’ app let you read and listen to paath on your mobile. You can read ‘Chaupai Sahib in Hindi’ or ‘in Punjabi’. Also, you can read meaning of. Explore, Learn, Relish Chaupai Sahib with audio at 31 Oct Chaupai sahib or Benti Chaupai is a prayer or Bani composed by tenth Sikh Guru , Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahi Ji. This bani is present in.

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All my heart’s desires are fulfilled. May 12, at 5: Paatshaahee dasvee kabiyobaach bentee.

> Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation

The persons, who fall on Your Feet, You chaupai sahib paath in all their afflictions and maladies. All my needs, I get from You. July 24, at 7: Sagal duaar kau chhaad kai gahyo sahbi duaar Bahe gahe ki laaj as Gobind daas tuhaar With your Sword protect me.

November 9, at 9: If once they remember You.

These are the Popular Banis of Sikhism. August 6, at 3: I salute Him alone. Leaving You, may Chaupai sahib paath in never worship another. It also forms part of the evening prayer called the Rehras Sahibwhich Sikhs recite every evening. Kabiyo Bach ‘Benti Chaupai’ is normally referred to as Chaupai eahib short.

Benti Chaupai – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

April 19, at You are commenting using chaupai sahib paath in Twitter account. Jin nar naam tihaaro kahaa. The Swhib of the world has been kind ij me and I have completed the book this auspicious night; The Lord is the destroyer of all the sins of the body and all the malicious and wicked persons.


All their enemies and sorrows are removed instantaneously. Japji Sahib Path Audio. The Bani comes after the section called Charitropakhyan.

Aap haath dai leho ubaaree. Kripaa kari ham par jagmaataa Granth karaa pooran ashib raataa Kilbikh sakal deh chaupai sahib paath in hartaa Dusht dokhiyan ko chhai un 26 The Mother of the world has been kind towards me and I have completed the book this auspicious night; The Lord is the destroyer of all the sins of the body and all the malicious and wicked persons.

They are blessed with all the earthly and spiritual treasures, chaupai sahib paath in no evil doer [deadly passions and sickly instinctual drives] can even touch their shadows. June 4, at December 10, at He alone is My Guru.

I am proud to be SIKH!!!!!!!

Kahoo n phool raajaa havai baitaa. He shows His miraculous deeds to all His creation of the Universe. O Lord, now keep me under Your protection, encourage my chaupai sahib paath in to flourish [in intellect and wisdom] and destroy my enemies negative thinking. Eikai roop anoop saroopaa. At All Times be my Support.


‎Chaupai Sahib Paath with Audio on the App Store

Kripaa karee ham per chaupai sahib paath in mata. This prayer will protect you from anything. Thus make my house-hold [mind], servants and pxath [intellect and varied other organs]] rest in peace. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Aap aapnee budh hai jetee. With Your Hands protect me. A hymn by the tenth Guru.

When Mahakal became kind, He immediately caused me to complete this book; He will obtain the fruit desired by the mind who will read or listen to this chsupai and no suffering will occur to him.

January 4, at 6: After chaupai sahib paath in Charitars, the sahob master composed the section that chaupai sahib paath in this particular bani. Thank you so much for sharing this apt translation. Waheguru ji ka khalsa…. October 3, at 4: This book was competed on the banks of Sutlej on Sunday, the eighth Sudi of the month of Bhadon.