You will grow in excitement as Chuck Missler details astonishing hidden messages within the text of the Torah that could only have been placed there by the. Cosmic Codes -OS has ratings and 12 reviews. Laura said: I chose to read this book because I’ve always rolled my eyes at people who insist that the B. 17 Sep Largely a culmination of research and tid-bits Chuck Missler gathered over many years, Chuck claims this book is one of the most complete and.

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Cosmic Codes -OS

For many, the information in Cosmic Codes: Brilliant, using prophecy and the textual design of the Bible itself to prove the Bible is true. Are we in possession of messages of extraterrestrial origin?

Joel Anthony rated it really liked it Apr 30, Chuck Missler writes from a technological and Biblical background in this cutting-edge analysis of the hidden codes in the Bible. Anyone interested misslsr codes and secret or hidden truths in cosmic codes chuck missler the Cosmic codes chuck missler and the world.

Cryptology – the study of secret cksmic and ciphers – has, of course, been stimulated by its use in literature. Very well written and researched.

This thoroughly researched book assists those investigating the inerrancy of the Word of God.

Confirmation cosmic codes chuck missler Sheshach is really a substitute for Babel and not an entirely separate place name also comes from the Septuagint and the Targums. Jose’ Matos rated it it was amazing Dec 28, People never cease to be fascinated by “secret writing,” or secret codes.

Cosmic Codes – Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity

Regarding verse 6, the Midrash notes that Tabeal, t cosmic codes chuck missler l is encrypted using the method of albam, resulting in the name, r m l – Remala for Remaliah.


Recommended to believers and non-believers alike. What has the science of cryptology codds about these ancient texts? Dedicated scientists continue to scan the heavens in their search for signals from distant galaxies. Nov 09, Jerry Davis rated it it was amazing. It undoubtedly was a major source of power mlssler the priesthoods of the ancient empires.

The cosmic codes chuck missler covers the meaning of significant numbers and patterns from 1 toincluding end-of-the-world speculations that may go beyond No trivia or quizzes yet. The book wasn’t what I cosjic expecting–it was I chose to read this book codrs I’ve always rolled my eyes at people who insist that the Bible has secret codes that predict all sorts of things, from the Holocaust to cosmic codes chuck missler the gold standard to the number of earthquakes in a given decade.

Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity will open very new meanings to this very old book.

Enhance your study with a Cosmic Codes Workbook paper version or as a Download. Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity.

The Bible Codes

Study the implications of our finite universe and the shocking discoveries of quantum physics at the very boundaries of reality. Like albam and atbash, its name derives from its cosmic codes chuck missler.

Thomas rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Is our universe itself a “digital message”? This book uses sound reasoning without jumping to ridiculous conclusions about setting dates for terrorist attacks etc You will be able to use this exciting information to discover the cosmic codes chuck missler messages yourself, because many of them do not require a computer to decipher.

By the end, it was beginning to feel a little mussler. He does a great job of bringing the Bible into your world, making it real and authentic. Cosmic codes chuck missler 30, Laura rated it it was amazing. Having said that, it was pretty good, and it definitely helps strengthen my belief that the scripture is the inerrant, inspired word of God.


The Bible Codes: Cosmic Codes – A Series: – Chuck Missler – Koinonia House

Melody rated it it was amazing May 06, Very thought provoking from a Christian perspective and what we know is challenged. There are those who are irrepressibly enthusiastic about the equidistant letter sequences in the Bible. Books by Chuck Missler. Thus, the first letter of the first half, aleph, substitutes for cosmic codes chuck missler first letter of the second half, lamed, and vice versa.

Jun 10, Cary rated it liked it. We will explore some remarkable discoveries about the alphabets used in the Biblical texts and the microcodes which reveal some surprising aspects hidden coodes the text itself.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to “look behind the curtain” to see cosmic codes chuck missler hidden. You will be able to use this exciting information to discover the hidden messages yourself because many of them do not require a computer to decipher. The book wasn’t what I was expecting–it was so much better.

We will, of course, begin by laying a foundation upon which we will attempt to build a balanced perspective. Chuck Misslera Naval Academy graduate who quickly rose to the upper ranks of the corporate world as CEO of several international high-technology corporations, Chuck combines a background in intelligence, cryptanalysis and informational sciences with over 30 years of Biblical teaching and research.

All languages seem to flow toward Jerusalem: Hidden Messages from the Edge of Clsmic Cosmic codes chuck missler