Friends Not Masters, a Political Autobiography [President of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends. Friends not masters: A political autobiography [Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography [Mohammad Ayub KHAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political.

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My response was not in the best of taste and it brought our brief association to an abrupt end. I was astounded at the credulity of some of our people.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography – Mohammad Ayub Khan – Google Books

He explained to me friends not masters by ayub khan it was a famous Muslim mastesr, in the United Provinces, beyond Delhi, It was an Islamic institution and it had been established by the Muslims at great cost.

The theoretical ayjb practical friends not masters by ayub khan of training used to be treated in isolation. The Force could only rush to a place that was being attacked, and by the time the troops arrived it was looted, burnt, qyub the Muslim inhabitants massacred. Whatever decision they take, whether wc like it or not, wc must accept it. Umar Nisar rated it it was amazing Feb 21, He had been insisting that the Azad forces be governed by the British Army Act, and he based his argument on the fact that whenever State forces were employed by the British they came under the British Army Act and not the Indian Army Act.

I initiated certain schemes for the reorganization of the army immediately after the conspiracy was discovered. My father had friends not masters by ayub khan large family, and the income from his army pension and tire land was limited.


I spent nearly two years in East Pakistan, The provincial government, with which I came in frequent con- tact, was newly formed and poorly staffed. He further suggested that fresh elections be held from amongst the existing provincial legislatures.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

Our basic weapon was friends not masters by ayub khan. Efforts were made to achieve greater standardization in the require- ments of armed forces and specifications were modified, where necess- ary, to accommodate indigenous capacity and workmanship. The life and times of Pakistan’s first military ruler, Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan, told in ayug own voice, from his early days through his tenure as Commander-in-Chief, then as the author of the ‘Revolution’ inuntil his victory in the presidential elections of On the political front we were without a proper Constitution.

Soldiers and officers were out on their own with little direc- tion from headquarters and with considerable responsibility placed in the hands of junior officers. Citing articles via Google Scholar. And do not take the argument too far.

Hundreds of schools have been opened, miles and miles of roads have been laid, and hospitals and colleges built.

Once that was achieved I felt that it would regain its prestige in the eyes of tlic people friends not masters by ayub khan Pakistan. It was this sudden devaluation of the higher posts which produced fantastic ideas and ambitions in people.

In the process he became quite friendly with me; I would go and see him quite often and though he was a much older man he treated me with great consideration. In both exercises I encircled him; I completely stymied kyan and frustrated his plans.

But worse still, it was politically weak and unstable. I had never seen such confusion. In this she considers Pakistan as her enemy number one.


All this hardened my determination to keep the army completely aloof from politics. I had a considerable hand in building them up into what they are today. Wou talk about political mora- lity. Behzad Jawan Bakhsh rated it liked it Apr 24, They had to cover some three hundred yards of open ground to get on to the defensive position. It used to rain incessantly and we found friends not masters by ayub khan in foxholes when the tents became too wet to provide any comfort.

Tiie province was in an ex- tremely under-developed state. When this material was exhausted they came to selection from amongst the local friends not masters by ayub khan.

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He went about saying openly that no his party’ did not win friends not masters by ayub khan elections, rivers of blood would flow. Choudhry was then Finance Minister in the provincial government. A number of fateful events have taken place since During our first fortnight the senior cadets gave us a demonstration of arms drill. He turned round to me and said, T have a real word of praise for the enemy Commander.

No one realized at that time that the number of refugees would go up to eight or nine million. See all 7 questions about Friends, Not Masters….