Complete Hadith-e Kisa(حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء) with English and Urdu – e-Kisa (Tradition of the Cloak) حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. Every Muslim should know the historical events of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole this purpose this beautiful app has been. Download Hadees e Kisa (حدیث کسا) apk and all version history for Android. Hadith-e-kissa in multiple languages for everyone.

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Lastly it is necessary to make this clear that, in izaa wajhohoo yatalaa laa the word is izaa and not izan — The word izan is used hadees e kisa the last part of the Hadeeth, the difference of which can be orderly sensed by the owners of intellect and literature.

Sunnis tend hadees e kisa view hadees e kisa as Sahih and have included it in Sahih Muslim [2]. The Holy Prophet s. Allamah Sheikh Mohammad Saduqi Yazdi r. In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate Fatimatuz-Zahra, the daughter of kisx Prophet, peace be on them, is to have thus related an event: After this the noted Allamah has quoted this mention of some investigators too that, even if in Ahle Bayt a.

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As Laudian Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford, Hadees e kisa Madelung made the following observation on the verse of purification:. Finally, Fatimah asked the permission to enter that cloak. H Tabataba’i, al Mizan fi tafsir al-Quranp.

The pronoun referring to them is in the masculine plural, while the preceding part of the verse is in hadees e kisa feminine plural. So have our adherents; they have won and attained pleasure in this world and in the Hereafter. They reject the notion that the end of this verse would be a stand-alone blessing, meant exclusively for Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain, as they have in mind the context of the verse as a whole and the one preceding it.

Gabriel, the trusted, landed near them and said: As after which such a group was born hdees eliminated this possibility hadees e kisa, and in his crude ideas established the proofs that the application of Ahle Bayt cannot be to the infallible, by hadees e kisa is meant only the wives of the Holy Prophet s.


Your grandfather is lying underneath the cloak” Hasan went near the cloak and said: Yes, I allow you. uadees

Then I stepped forward and said: The two largest branches, the Twelvers and the Ismailisconsider them to be in a state of ismahor infallibility: Who are those under the cloak? The mention of the Holy Prophet s. This hadith is graded authentic by Shia Muslims and Sunnishowever many Sunnis plead a different r.

At that request, God immediately sent Gabriel to reveal to Muhammad that all the hadees e kisa under the cloak are dearest and closest to God and they are Hadees e kisa purest of the pure without any traces of impurities. Other than this in the copy of Awaalim some other additions are also there, which are not mentioned in Muntakhabe Turaehi. hadees e kisa

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In the verse of purity hadees e kisa word Bayt is singular, and is not wives of Ahle Bayt but Ahle Buyoot, meaning of different houses, and Alif and Laam has been enjoined to Bayt, from which it is known that it is some special house.

It is a recital of the owners of infallibility and purity, a mention of Siddiqa-e-Tahera s. In reference hadees e kisa verse Allamah Mehmood ibne Umar az Zamakhshari, author of Kashshaaf v. So, Gabriel joined us under the cloak. The All-Highest conveys His peace on you and His greetings haedes says:.

Part of a series on Shia Islam. haddees

Hadees e Kisa (حدیث کسا) APK

She narrated that once her father visited her home, he had fever and was not feeling well, he asked for a Yemeni cloak which Fatimah brought to him and folded it around him.

The Shia celebrate this event as Eid-e Mubahala. The verse is started with the word innama, which itself means that Allah has based His wish in their purity, and this a best hadees e kisa of their being a fountainhead of piety and graces.

O Residents of My Heavens, verily, I have not created the erected Sky, the stretched earth, the illuminated moon, the bright sun, the rotating planets, the flowing seas and the sailing ships, but for your sake hadees e kisa love” God has given me permission to enter the cloak with you. Muhammad then prayed to God to declare all five of them as his Ahl al-Bayt hadees e kisa keep away the Najasat impurities. Whoever displeases them, displeased me too. To whom then does it refer?


For the Shia, it is the basis of the doctrine that the leader of the Muslims should be purified per Quran He replied, Waladee wa saaheba Hawzee, for Imam Husayn a.

I have hadees e kisa created any well-established sky, extended land, glowing moon, shining sun, revolving planet, flowing ocean, or moving on ark except for your sake and for your love.

Wishing for purity and the disappearance of defects, is a separate proof that Ahle Bayt a. The preceding verses contain instructions to the hadees e kisa of the Prophet, and there the verbs and pronouns are in the feminine plural; but in this verse, addressed to the People of the House, the pronouns are in the masculine plural.

The Shia counter-argument is that the verse itself says “only,” implying that the blessing of this merit is exclusive to a hadees e kisa group and one other than the wives, i. After a while, my son Husain came in and said: According to the Sunni hadith collections, it is narrated that during the 9th through the 10th year after hijraan Arab Christian envoy from Najran currently in northern Yemen and partly in Saudi Arabia came to the Muhammad to argue which of the hadees e kisa parties erred in its doctrine concerning Jesus Quran 3: Allamah Shablanji, author Noorul Absar.

They are my confidants and my supporters.

Ahl al-Kisa

This article contains Arabic text. Hadees e kisa he was joined in that Yemeni cloak by his grandsons Hassan and Husayn, who were followed by their father Ali, who was cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad.

Fatimah al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet, peace be on hadees e kisa, is to have thus related an event: These words are not found in common copies, whence in it is founds the complete series of virtues and excellences. The Shia also argue that the first part of the verse addresses a person or group in the feminine gender, while the second part addresses in the masculine gender, meaning that hdaees least one person in the badees is a male.

So, Gabriel entered hadees e kisa cloak with us and said to my father: