The pasteurisation unit (HTST pasteuriser) is designed for the thermal treatment of milk and dairy products as well as other food products as soft drinks and. For more than 30 years REDA S.p.A. has been acting in the milk pasteurization process, using and constantly developing the plants of the series HTST (High. This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and.

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Start flow of the milk to the float controlled balance tank by starting milk pump. When the last portion of water leaves the balance tank, turn the 3-way valve at the finished milk outlet so that the flow is diverted to the floor.

Milk HTST Pasteurizer

Stop the milk and hot water pasteyrizer. Admit cold water to the hot water tank and run until the plant is cold. The pasteurizer should be inspected every day for any leakage and for ensuring cleanliness.

The pump, then controls the flow rate of product through the system and its holding time in the holding tube. Ice-water connection if required: It is essentially a short piece of tubing approximately 25 cm long surrounded by a housing, inside of which are located coils that generate a magnetic field.


Tube section pzsteurizer sec pasteurization temperature holding time, at min. If required, the unit must be provided with glycol water for cooling and with hot water or industrial steam at 3 bar.

All recording instruments, thermometers etc. Vacuum Breaker At the pasteurized product discharge is a vacuum breaker which breaks to atmospheric pressure. DN10, Cooling supply requirements: To kill bacteria including pathogens. Components of the compact unit: All air-operated equipment should be pasteuurizer with clean dry air.

Stored pasteuriizer can be downloaded to PC for further processing, printing and archiving. Application of the magnetic flow meter in the dairy industry has centered around its replacing the positive displacement timing pump as the metering device in HTST pasteurizing systems, where with certain products the timing pump rotors reportedly wear out in a relatively short period of time.

Close the air vents when the milk comes out from them. The pasteurisation unit includes all the necessary equipment for automatic pasteurisation of milk, as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder.

AISI Other components and control panel: Indicating thermometer The indicating thermometer is considered the most accurate temperature measurement.

Basic Component Equipment of HTST Pasteurizer | Food Science

There are two types of FDD:. Turn off the chilled water in the cooling sections.

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Alarm system with optical and acoustical signals for temperature and pressure differences Security switch-over valve, one-seat version, for alarm cases, leading the product without pasteurization back to the receiver tank. The balance tank provides a means for recirculation of diverted or pasteurized milk. AISI Pump mechanical seal: Plate heat exchanger module according to the capacity, involving 3 sections like heat recuperator, heater and cooler. Set the temperature controller at pasteurization temperature minimum The indicating thermometer is considered the most accurate temperature measurement.

Switch on the control panel mains. It governs the rate of flow through the holding tube. Its efficiency may be calculated as follows: Place a hose in the balance tank and flush the plant thoroughly with water until the discharge from outlet becomes clear.

All water remaining in the plant must be drained. The process destroys pathogenic microorganisms by heating the product to a moderately high temperature for a brief period.