This book was rewarded with Prestigious Sahitya Academy award. The information printed in these paper are not just a series of sentences, it is the feeling of. 30 Dec At first glance, the odd pages may not interest you and you may put ‘Kaval Kottam’ aside for later reading. But soon, the volume itself. ‘Kaaval Kottam’ is a classic example of how a work transcends the literary space and enters into the popular sphere through its narrative; it is a novel which talks.

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Articles kaval kottam hCards No local image kottak image on Wikidata. Gives an insight of madurai. Paranthamanar named ‘Madurai Nayakkar Varalaru’ which was written in a style of History.

“Kaaval Kottam re-creates the history of Madurai”

Kaval kottam Thesam rated it kaval kottam liked it Aug 11, The excesses committed by the Kallars in collecting the Kaval coolie Fee for guardingand in case somebody refuses to pay it, how they venged them fearfully by committing murders and resorting to robbery.

The events leading to kaval kottam accession of Viswanatha Nayak to the throne of Madurai Kingdom is elaborated in a fitting manner, explaining the loyalty of Viswanatha to Krishna Devaraya, the monarch of Vijayanagara.

The actions oottam by the British Raj to curtail the activities of the Kallars is explained at the last chapters and in this attempt all kaval kottam persons belonging to that community were either killed or were removed to the reformation camps.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He won kaval kottam many as prizes in the span of 3 years in his college life. July 25, He was a very good orator as well as a good writer. Jhagan Asokkumar rated it really liked it Nov 23, Ramalingam in his endorsement speech at kkttam felicitation event honouring Sahitya Akademi kaval kottam winner Su.


Murali, Principal, Madura College, in his presidential address said that the event was not only to felicitate kaval kottam writer kttam also to create awareness on the importance of serious literature.

Before starting to read this book, I had an idea about this book that it is a novel by S. Novel dealing with kaval kottam Madurai during Nayak period and British.

Kaval Kottam | Latest News on Kaval Kottam | Breaking Stories and Opinion Articles – Firstpost

A literary account The novel is anthropological, ethnographical, and historical kaval kottam also is a literary account. He enrolled in the B. The records collected are evidenced at suitable places in the novel as letters shot from one officer to kotttam other of the East India Company administratos and during the British Rule. kaval kottam

kagal But this novel has dramatized the historical events and made the reading a pleasure and to complete the first half at a galloping speed. Venkatesan is a Tamil writer from Tamil Nadu kaval kottam, India. The historical events and the story-telling style of the author makes it easier for a reader to complete the book containing about pages of smaller fonts in a shorter kaval kottam.

Return to Book Page. As a native of Madurai, I kaval kottam a natural inclination towards its history.

Karthick C rated it really liked it May 15, This novel has its foundations in the social, economic, political and philosophic kava of time that runs for almost years.

S. Venkatesan

Paranthamanar named ‘Madurai Nayakkar Varalaru’ which was written in a style of History. The novel ends with the destruction or disappearance of the community from the scenario. Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil language. Anandakumar, Head, Department of Tamil, Gandhigram Rural University, in his endorsement speech said kaval kottam Madurai is one of the very few cities which has a continuous history spanning more than 2, years and has been the site where Buddhism and Jainism flourished.


May 20, A. The work Kaaval Kottam remains as a challenge whether it is history or novel and this aspect has not been discussed in the public domain especially kaval kottam the academia so this could be a starting point to initiate that. His only novel Kavalkottam was published kaval kottam But on reading the book, I lost myself the idea that kaval kottam was a fictitious novel, but that it is the record of the history of Madurai and its suburbs.

Madhavan Vannadasan Inkulab Venkatesan wins Sahitya Akademi Award”.

S. Venkatesan – Wikipedia

Arun Radhakrishnan rated kaval kottam really liked it Mar 23, SriManikandan S rated it really liked it Sep 10, Chidambara Ragunathan Lakshmi Thiripurasundari A. Just a moment kaval kottam we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The second part explains the downfall of Nayak rule after Thirumalai Kavql, another famous Nayak, who awarded the rights of guarding Madurai and suburbs to a tribe kaval kottam Piramalai Kallars, living in Thadhatnur, a fictitious village created in the imaginations of the author.

The author has opined that the tribe is not the people kaval kottam Tamilnadu, but the descendants of the ruthless Kaval kottam, who ruled Tamilnadu during centuries BC, a period which is still described as the black age in the history of Tamilnadu. He also said that this was his first felicitation event after winning the award.

Hardcover1pages. The author has opined that the tribe is not kaval kottam people of Tamilnadu, but the descendants of the ruthless Kalbhras, who ruled Tamilnadu during centuries BC.