Discussion among translators, entitled: Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache/The awful German language (Mark Twain). Forum name: German. The Awful German Language / Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache has Großartig, wie Mark Twain die Macken der deutschen Sprache zerlegt, auch für. Die Schreckliche Deutsche Sprache [Mark Twain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I’ve been learning French for the past 11 months one hour a week and I’m pretty sure that French personal pronouns are a mess. German makes no difference between adjectives and adverbs.

Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache – Wikipedia

Some of these people may understand English. Why exactly is German considered “Schrecklich? My philological studies have satisfied me that a gifted person ought to learn English barring spelling and pronunciation in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years. Schmid bezeichnet die von Twain beschriebene Frustration beim Erlernen des Deutschen als authentisch.

May 28, Arthur Thomas rated it it was amazing. He says, for instance: Twain emphasizes these changes through interlinear translationa manner of translation which tries to preserve the original language without context schrecklicne in a literal manner, and this method emphasizes the mechanics of the language translated.

It is a bleak Day. A hilarious and very much relevant discussion of how terrible and confusing the German language is. Es hilft den Leser, als er einen Fall erkennen muss.

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Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache /The Awful German Language

If you learn German, read it, you will find a soulmate in your difficulties. Clemens father Orion Clemens brother.

Seine Kritik an der deutschen Sprache beginnt Twain mit der Feststellung, dass es keine andere Sprache gebe, die so ungeordnet und unsystematisch sei wie die deutsche. This Book shows how extremely difficult it is to learn the German language as a second language after English.


I spoke Slovak and German from early childhood on. Twain sprahce his first unsuccessful attempt to learn German in deustche age fifteen. Want to Read saving…. Think what overwrought reverence that shows for the turnip, and what callous disrespect for the girl.

He also work Samuel Langhorne Clemensbetter known by his pen name Mark Twainwas an American author and humorist. Die Sprachen, die sich nicht entwickeln, sind die tote Sprachen. Would recommend to anybody looking for mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache and for those looking into German.

P Ich liebe Deutsch, deshalb finde ich dieses Buch ein bisschen mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache. Bu Things stated in this book are true but when person who hasn’t or is not learning German reads this, he will be so overwhelmed that he would probably opt not to learn this language and I think that’s very unfair to German.

The above link is derived from: Dabei bezieht er sich teilweise direkt auf die vorher genannten Kritikpunkte.

The Awful German Language / Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache

Views Read Edit View history. Yeah, every day someone create a new compound and you can never look them up in the dictionary but theiy’re so typisch Deutsch.

View Ideas submitted by the community. Auch die Deklination von Adjektiven findet Twain so schlimm wie im Latein. It seems manifest, then, that the latter tongue ought to be trimmed down and repaired. Twain plays with the differences in natural or sexual gender and linguistic or grammatical gender by pointing out that the German for girl is grammatically neuter, unlike many sexless items mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache as turnips: Though the book is really funny and entertaining it is hard not to contradict.


I really have no idea how the language evolved to be like this, but Twain showed us Hilarious. But there is one more advantage: You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Accusative — Meinen guten Freund, mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache good friend. Post Your ideas for ProZ. Jan 13, Jayanth rated it really liked it Shelves: Though he made a great deal of money from his writings and lectures, he squandered it on various ventures, in particular the Paige Compositor, and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache englischer Originaltitel: Herrlich, Jul 17, und spricht mir sooo Retrieved from ” https: In German, a young lady has no sex, while a turnip has.

And the printer is always a she. However, he lacked mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache acumen. View all 39 comments. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He achieved great success as a writer and public speaker.

Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache/The awful German language (Mark Twain) (German)

mark twain die schreckliche deutsche sprache Colonel Sellers Colonel Sellers as a Scientist. Every language has rules and every language has tons of exception. Even though I’ve diie to love German over the last year, a lot of the things he described are still my daily struggle in this language, and it was so funny to read someone point out some of the most absurd things that sometimes make my blood boil.

One of the key emphases within the work is on German linguistic gender.