explains recreational dive planners and how to use them, both the PADI and NAUI tables. Need a NAUI dive table? Here is one you can look at and print out! To download a larger image of this table click on the photo below. At the next page click on.

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The letter A represents a small amount of nitrogen and the amount of nitrogen increases as the letters progress towards L.

Also, the same term might have a naui dive tables meaning.

NAUI Dive Table, Air Plastic for only $ in

The depths in the table range from 12 meters 40 feet to 40 naui dive tables feet naui dive tables increase in increments of 3 meters 10 feet. It is easy to learn how to use a dive time calculator, but you should do this only after you are familiar with the procedures for planning dive time limits using the dive tables.

Can you now just use that same table, get a fresh tank of air, and go right naui dive tables down for a second look? For example, you round a dive to 13 meters 43 feet up to a 15 meter 50 naii dive. What’s especially frustrating is that all dive tables do essentially the same tbales, just not exactly the same way tzbles often with surprisingly different results.

The atbles number is your residual nitrogen naui dive tables RNT. Scuba Gift Certificate Details. That is where the ” Pressure Groups ” come in.

Always use the type of table, calculator, or computer with which you are familiar. It is the depth you could stay there if it were your first dive minus the residual nitrogen time. For most divers, yes, they have replaced the tables. Mares Prestige Octopus The Mares Prestige Octopus is a medium-size octopus with an appealing design, featuring the latest technologies to offer easy naui dive tables breathing.

So your total bottom time is now 76 minutes. The letters range naui dive tables sequence from A to L.


The times range from 5 minutes to minutes. Table 2 shows what Letter Naui dive tables you will be in after naui dive tables certain ” surface interval ,” i. The Seac Jack Wrist Computer transitions from freediving to scuba with ease. They simply tell you how many minutes you can stay, max, at certain depths without having to do decompression stops, something that is not part of recreational diving and that you should never have to do as a recreational diver.

And a minute at half your maximum depth.

That happens because the pressure inside the bottle dropped when you unscrewed the cap. Different dive tables and dive computers might use terms different from the ones used in the NAUI Dive Tables figure As a result, most recreational divers simply dive without truly understanding their dive computer.

Well, You tablles naui dive tables enough residual nitrogen in your system naui dive tables you’d get from a 56 minute dive, and you now added another tablrs minutes of actual bottom time on your second dive. So the eive nitrogen is as if you’d stayed down there for 76 minutes, making 76 minutes your Total Nitrogen Time and you are in End-of-Dive Letter Group J. So on your second dive to 50 feet, you still have as much nitrogen in your system as naui dive tables absorb in 56 minutes down there.

Using the NAUI Dive Tables shown to the right Click to see larger versionlet’s say you plan on visiting a reef that’s located naui dive tables a depth of 60 feet. See what a big impact the extra bottom time has on surface interval time?

For example, if you do a dive to 18 meters 60 feet for 22 minutes, the 22 minutes rounds to 25 minutes. Then naui dive tables look at the cell where column I intersects with the 50 feet row. When you unscrew the cap, pressure is suddenly reduced and the soda foams as carbonation is released. As we come back up, the pressure decreases, the fluids in our dibe can carry less duve gas, and the nitrogen gets expelled from the tissues again.


NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table

So what does a dive planner do? Think of the soda bottle example again: They estimate nitrogen absorbed and then tell you maximum allowable underwater time and lots of other data on the display.

If you now plan on waiting an hour and 15 minutes, and then naui dive tables see that reef at 50 feet again, you find yourself in the new Letter Group H. VAD system promises excellent and natural breathing at any depth. How to plan for the second dive So let’s see how we use the tables to plan the naui dive tables dive after our 35 minute stay at 60 feet. If the Analox O2 Portable Oxygen Analyzer is used for measuring the oxygen level in the output from a mixing panel, another Analox O2 Portable Oxygen Analyzer should be used for cylinder verification purposes.

Dive computers also eliminate human error.

Mon – Friday Join our email list! Some dive computers are “air integrated,” which means they know the air pressure in the naui dive tables and can calculate remaining air time based on depth, current consumption rate and remaining pressure.

Use the exact or naui dive tables next greater number listed in the table for your time.

Naui dive tables

And there are other formats as well. Looking to accessorize this item or modify this package?

In those sections you learned that according to William Henry’s lawthe amount of gas naui dive tables liquid can absorb is related to pressure. Naui dive tables second number, 24, is your adjusted maximum dive time AMDTthe time you cannot exceed on the dive. Your Letter Group will change and move closer to the beginning of the alphabet, depending on how long you are tanles the surface.