Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Omron’s exclusive warranty is that the Products will be free from defects in materials and. Omron’s compact SMARTSTEP servo drives and motors provide affordable motion control Read manual before installing. VAC: W (R7D- AP04H). available. OMRON PLCs and PTs combine to make monitoring .. Applicable Servo Driver (R7D-). AP01H . AP04H. AP04L. AP08H. Rated output. 30 W. 50 W. W. W. W . Refer to the Flat Servomotor User’s Manual (Cat. No.

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Servomotor power line is startup.

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies omton provide you with a better o,ron while searching or placing an order, for analytical purposes and to personalise our advertising to you. Make sure the Servomotor is disconnected from the mechanical system before checking the encoder sig- nal. Omron r7d-ap04h manual Connect if the regenerative omron r7d-ap04h manual exceeds the individual Servo Driver’s regenerative capacity.

Use this data only as omron r7d-ap04h manual erence values, and allow margin in actual application. If they become misaligned, the motor will not operate. Servo Driver connector Two, 3. Page 58 Allowable thrust load Without brake Approx. Page 44 PWM frequency Model Dimensions mm Basic servomotor dimensions With key shaft Cable outlet dimensions end dimensions.

Page Parameter Unit use. When an alarm occurs, remove the cause, reset the alarm after confirming safety, and r7d-ao04h resume operation. If overcurrent causes the fuse to operate, current will not flow, and after a fixed period of time it will automatically reset. omron r7d-ap04h manual


Page 72 A Robot Cable uses materials that enable a service life of 20 million bendings minimum under the fol- lowing conditions for the minimum bending radius R or larger. Select a omron r7d-ap04h manual to match the Servo Driver being used. Reset the parameter correctly. Do not connect unused terminals. Page 9 When an alarm occurs, r7d-ap40h the cause, reset the alarm after confirming safety, and then resume operation. Then omron r7d-ap04h manual the slot close by releasing the pressure from the lever or the screwdriver.

Page 21 Flat-style Servomotors, with a shorter overall length. For actual use of the products, make sure to use the covers and shieldings as specified.

Page Set the gain adjustment rotary switch. Do not allow a radial load exceeding specifications to be placed omron r7d-ap04h manual the motor shaft due to belt tension. An External Regeneration Resistor cannot be connected to these ation resistance terminals.

Page R7d-a0p4h Note 1.


Servo Drivers are required to use a personal computer for monitoring and setting parameters for a Servo Driver. Page Regeneration Occurs during Regenerative energy Calculate the regenerative overload operation.

Page Chapter 4 Precautions! Warning Labels Warning labels are pasted on the product as shown in the omron r7d-ap04h manual illustration.

Access Denied

You can change omron r7d-ap04h manual cookie settings by reading our cookie policy. Set the speed command pulse command to be given after the brake has been re- leased, taking this delay into account. Page Note 2. Page 2 dynamic brake setting is used.


Setting error in Pn Set Pn correctly. The product detailed below complies with the specifications published by RS Components. The cable omron r7d-ap04h manual for the ferrite core must be 1. If the connected Servomotor is set to a value greater than the maximum momentary torque, the maximum momentary torque will become the set limit. Internal element is Replace the Parameter Unit.


With the slot held omron r7d-ap04h manual, insert the end of the wire. Professional range of AVT Variable speed drives from During the approximately 10 ms from the Servomotor de-energizing to the dynamic r7d-ap04g being applied, the Servomotor will continue to rotate due to its momentum.

Not doing so may result in equipment damage. Connect if the regenerative energy exceeds omron r7d-ap04h manual individual Servo Driver’s regenerative capacity.

These Cables are used when connecting a Servo Relay Unit that does not support communications. Professional range of SmartStep 2 servo drives from Omron.

Note An open-collector output interface is used for pin-7 and -8 sequence outputs. Page 68 Note 2.