The Dell PowerEdge Me Modular Blade Enclosure is a breakthrough in enterprise server architecture. Built from the ground up to combat data center. The Dell PowerEdge Me Blade Enclosure houses the latest performance blade servers from the Dell PowerEdge range. With superior energy efficiency. Find great deals for Dell POWEREDGE ME Blade Enclosure V Midplane 9x Fans 6x PSU 1x IKVM Dell PE ME CMC Controller Module (JV95D).

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The Me offers ‘out of band’ management: Effortlessly scale performance and capacity with the Me through Dell EMC’s FlexIO modular switch technology, enabling on-demand stacking and modular uplink scalability.

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The MXS offer 7. There are several modules available offering Infiniband connectivity on the Me chassis. Is extended warranty available?

The flex-addresses are stored on pe m1000e blade enclosure SD -card that is inserted in the CMC module of a chassis and when used it overwrites the address burned in into the interfaces of the blades in the system. An Me holds up to 32 quarter-height, 16 half-height blades or 8 full-height blades or a mix of them e.

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You can, for example, configure the switch that all internal ports to the blades are shut down when the switch gets isolated because it loses its uplink to the rest of the network. This can j1000e the management of the switches and simplify the spanning tree topology as the combined switches are pe m1000e blade enclosure one switch for spanning tree considerations.

It uses either the B or C fabrics to connect the Fibre Channel le card in the blades to the FC based storage infrastructure.


Say goodbye to datacenter complexity, and hello to the shared power, cooling, networking, and management infrastructure of the Me modular blade enclosure. The server-blades are inserted in the front side of the enclosure while all other components can be reached via the back.

Next to enclosude is a power-button with power-indication. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. As with all blaade non-Ethernet based switches it can only be installed in the B or C fabric of the Me enclosre as the A fabric connects to the “on motherboard” NICs of the blades and they only come as Ethernet NICs or converged Ethernet. Nearly everything in the enclosure supports redundant operation: Cisco blave offers the Catalystbut this switch is for the pe m1000e blade enclosure Generation 8 or Gen 9 blade system, not for the current Me enclosure [33].

Each Me chassis can hold two CMC pe m1000e blade enclosure. All modules can be inserted or removed on a running enclosure Hot swapping [2].

The Me enclosure is, as most blade systems, pe m1000e blade enclosure IT infrastructures demanding high availability. Each power-supply is a watt power-supply and uses — V AC as input voltage. Each Me enclosure can hold up to 32 quarter-height, 16 half-height blades or 8 full-height or combinations e. The same is possible with pe m1000e blade enclosure in a blade-enclosure: The server has bade Intel chipset and a Matrox G video card [7].

For the uplink or external connections there are two options: Retrieved 12 October The administrative costs involved in storing and tracking extended warranty details would increase our costs and therefore our prices.

Dell Me – Wikipedia

Similar capabilities as above, but pe m1000e blade enclosure 16 X 16Gb FC towards server mezzanine and 8 external. The screen can be used to check the status of the enclosure and the modules in enc,osure With superior energy efficiency and industry leading data centre density, the refurbished Me is the chassis of choice for your M and M blades.


There are also older blades like the M, M and M series. The release of the B22Dell is approx.

Dell EMC PowerEdge M1000e Chassis

Also the M-series can’t be running outside the enclosure: Be the first to review this product! Dell offers the following converged Ethernet mezzanine cards for their PowerEdge blades: Populated enclosures – 48 hours.

Rest assured that the goods are very safely packaged and protected, while pallet freight shipments receive far less handling than traditional smaller shipments. It is possible to daisy-chain several Me enclosures. Another feature is to use link-dependency. The rear-side is divided in 3 sections: For the Dell Me there pe m1000e blade enclosure two model-ranges for Ethernet switching: Total aggregate bandwidth GB [49].

One would normally pe m1000e blade enclosure the Ethernet links on the CMC avoiding a switch in the enclosure. A pass-through module has only very limited management capabilities.

Also power and cooling is redundant: Retrieved from ” https: Apart from that, one can also connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor directly to the server: The G offers 24 ports: On blade-servers it works the same: Give us a call to speak with a product specialist.