Refrigeration and air conditioning. Cryogenic engineering. Alternate Refrigerants . Solar energy. Absorption cooling and heating systems. Desiccant and. The Center announces planning for its ongoing and future projects and reviews the results of Center-sponsored programs in its publication “News from the. Ultraprobe R&AC is a special Kit for refrigeration and air conditioning Ultrasonic technology Ultraprobe R&AC allows an intelligent approach for quick.

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Headset Trisonic Scanning Module.

Optimization Studies for R&AC Installations | RefriApp

Leak detection in compressors and pumps. Leak detection in tanks, pipes, etc. Retrofit of a Climaveneta chiller in Huelva. For more information visit the UE Systems Inc. F&ac recently, the aspect of energy consumption of the facilities did not have the adequate design, implementation, or maintenance.

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Ask for a Quote. Energy efficiency studies in Facilities RefriApp makes available to their clients the experience of their professionals in the study and evaluatio n of the energy efficiency of their facilities.

With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data. Medium and long range modules.

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Ultraprobe 100R&AC

Leak detection in heat exchangers, boilers and condensers. Energy efficiency full reports. Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded. Ultrasound instruments are easy to use.

Improvements reports, analysing before and after a cleaning on a circuit. The rac industry is a significant energy consumer. Deluxe noise attenuating headphones for hard hat use.

Liquid Leak Amplifier ml bottle. Leak tests with and without pressure: Ask us a Quote. Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy environments.

Warble tone generator with battery recharger. Gas leak detection in a compressor. Thanks to the t eam of technical professionals available at RefriAppand with tools for monitoring and evaluation of refrigeration systemsas ClimaCheckwe offer: Ultraprobe is an ultrasonic receiver, which can detect and locate any high frequency sound.

UP pistol housing with LED bar graph meter. Wide range of possibilities Ultrasonic technology Ultraprobe offers a wide range of possibilities that they can be used in an effective way on maintenance tasks. Memory 4GB SD card. Refrigerant leaks, besides an environmental problem, involve a huge loss of profitability in refrigeration plants.

This tool is ideal for locating refrigerant leaks in very short periods of time, in minutes in most of cases, thus saving time and money to the installer.

Thanks to the t eam of technical professionals t&ac at RefriAppand with tools for monitoring and evaluation of refrigeration systemsas ClimaCheckwe offer:. Pressure Leak detection and vacuum. Leak detection in a multitubular heat exchanger.


Deluxe noise attentuating headphones.

Optimization Studies for R&AC Installations

Ultrasound is very directional and localized. However, increases in electricity prices and ongoing adjustments in the prices of the products, they are causing in recent years a radical change in the approach to this aspect by those responsible for industries. It is a practical tool for any leak detection, steam trap inspection or troubleshooting program.

Leak detection in valve seats. As a result of insufficient significance that was given to the consumer, we have now a strong potential for improving efficiency and design of new foreclosures and modifications of plants in service as well as energy saving on maintenance existing and new.

Changes in Ultrasound provide early warning of potential problems. Este sitio web utiliza cookies propias para ofrecer un mejor servicio.

Zero Halliburton Carrying Case.