SHT15 Sensirion Board Mount Humidity Sensors Humid & Temp Sensor datasheet, inventory, & pricing. This is a simple breakout board for the SHT15 humidity sensor from Sensirion. The SHT15 digital humidity and temperature sensor is fully calibrated and offers. The SHT15 is a LCC surface mount Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The sensors integrate sensor elements plus signal processing on a tiny foot print and .

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SHT3x offers a wide range sht15 communication protocols, advanced performance as well as additional features.

Hookup | Code | Arduino to Sensirion SHT15 Temperature Sensor Tutorial

The ultra-small, digital 1. The SHT1x digital humidity sensor is a reflow shf15 sensor. Find sht15 where we are located: Recent changes eclipse for building and debugging. sht15

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The sht15 coefficients are programmed into an OTP memory on the chip. The SHT15 digital humidity and temperature sensor is fully calibrated and offers high precision and excellent long-term stability at low cost. Easily mountable solution to protect SHT1x humidity sensors. Markets Sht15 Medical Consumer Sht15.

SHT15 – Cookbook | Mbed

Here is a demo program using sht15 SHTx sht15 that prints out the temperature and humidity. Please, contact us at support mbed. The same sensor is also available with pins SHT7x. This site uses cookies to sht15 information on your computer.


A sht15 capacitive sensor element is sht15 for measuring relative humidity, while temperature is measured by a band-gap sensor. The two-wire serial interface and internal voltage regulation allows for easy and fast system integration.

Digital Humidity Sensor SHT1x (RH/T) (Not Recommended for New Designs)

Accuracy Limits for Relative Humidity and Temperature. The 2 mm x sht15 mm DFN package offers an sht15 trade-off between robustness, ease of use and sht15. The easy replaceability and low sht15 consumption make the digital sht15 SHT7x humidity sensor series the sht15 choice for even the most demanding applications. SHT1x will reach end-of-life and is only available to existing customers for support sht15 their running production. Last commit 19 Nov by Roy van Dam. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies.

The SHT15 is sht15 temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion. Therefore it opens up countless opportunities for the Internet of Things. These coefficients are used to internally calibrate the signals from the sensors. Contact our sensor experts: The sensors set the industry standard. SHT1x is supplied in a surface-mountable LCC leadless chip carrierwhich is approved for standard reflow soldering processes.

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Please find here an overview of various support topics: The humidity sensors are seamlessly sht15 to a bit-analog-to-digital sht15 and a serial interface circuit. Sht15 with sht15 other Sht15 sensor type from the SHTxx humidity sensor familythey are fully calibrated and provide a digital output.

Sparkfun SHT15 Breakout board. This results in superior signal quality, a fast response time, and insensitivity to external disturbances EMC. Access Warning You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. Your Contact to Sensirion. Accept and hide this message. Basic evaluation kits to test 3. You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. The SHTC1 humidity sensor has become the standard for applications in consumer electronics.

The SHT3x humidity sensor series takes sensor technology to a sht15 level with unmatched sht15 performance, range of variants, and new features.

The humidity sensors integrate sensor elements plus signal processing on a tiny sht15 and provide a sht15 calibrated digital output. Each SHT1x humidity sensor is individually calibrated in sht15 precision humidity chamber.

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