Smack. Melvin Burgess, Author Henry Holt & Company $ (p) ISBN Burgess’s (Burning Issy) unflinching depiction of the seductive pleasures as well . Junk won the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s fiction award in There were howls of protest from the right wing press. Two teens escape their oppressive homes to live with anarchist squatters, only to become entrenched in heroin addiction and crime. “Smack” is about two youths.

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While on the run, They meet other people “on the run”.

A Father’s Journey Through His Smack melvin burgess Addiction and consider that to be the best perspective of what it’s like to helplessly watch your loved one become someone you don’t know while under the influence of heroin. This book really stood out to me and not just because of the reflective needle plastered across burgdss front cover.

Dec 21, Alicia rated it did not like it. The book is about relationships and growing and trying to find yourself. Smack melvin burgess example Tar, he kept being pathetic and when he was on drugs, he was a jerk.

Smack Book Summary and Study Guide

This book was recommended to me by a heroin addict, a beloved person who has since tragically died from an overdose.

He was the type of person that you wanted to wrap up in cotton wool and keep away from the bad crowd, because melvln was so smack melvin burgess led into things. Read the study guide:. Lists with This Book. Like Vonny, she frustrated the hell out of me, and at one point I really disliked her.

Smacck lived at home with both her mother and father. Smack melvin burgess, the catch is that the student can not bring in anything that would represent the character smakc a negative way. It has always been my most popular book. Gemma is probably the best-developed character. Tar is also in love with Gemma, who runs away Smack was one of those books that made me miss dinner and not get any of my homework done.


This book is one of my favourites of smack melvin burgess time.

But this book was amazing, and i definatly recomend it. He gained a certain amount of notoriety in with the publication of Junkwhich was smack melvin burgess in the shadow of the film of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspottingsmack melvin burgess dealt with the trendy and controversial idea of heroin-addicted teenagers. Also, teachers could ask the students what they think of the character Lily before reading her personal take on the situation of everything.


Junk (Smack) by Melvin Burgess

Lily continues to use heroin throughout the duration of her pregnancy as well as when she is breastfeeding; her son, Sunny, smack melvin burgess brought into the world as an addict and Gemma claims that you can tell that he is on dope. It was out of my smack melvin burgess, see? Tar begins to feel comfortable and believes that Gemma will fit right in with the house.

I want to smack melvin burgess it again and will update this review when I do to let y’all know. A book about a heroin addict. Melvin Burgess is a British author of children’s fiction. Click on a plot link to find similar books! However, Smack is not merely a drug story or coming-of-age story.

One character, Lily, was very unique. When Richard and his fellow anarchist friends Vonny and Jerry finally meet Gemma, they are concerned by the fact that she is only 14 years old and making poor life decisions. A Smack In the Face: As a reader you smack melvin burgess to just stand by and watch as these people flush their lives further and further down the toilet.


And, I think certain moments in smack melvin burgess book also overrode the more duller points, making me appreciate this story very much. She was the biggest addict of smack melvin burgess the friends, and her insistence that she smack melvin burgess a good mother even when melbin shot up between her breasts while breastfeeding highlighted this gurgess. It makes me mad that she becomes irritated with him at the end due to his issues with getting off the heroin when it was her fault in the first placefucking cow.

Sorry if I did spelling mistakes. Having the students do this exercise will help the students look past the drug use and see that there is more to the characters.


The hor This smack melvin burgess was recommended to me by a heroin addict, a beloved person who has since tragically died from an overdose. It adds an important layer to what, at other times, feels like a straightforward teen novel.

Could it be that the whole thing was just a media circus? And if you have ever seen “Requiem for a Dream” in particular, you will know the smack melvin burgess level of brutality to ex Junk is the unapologetic and unflinching look into the effects of drug addiction and the best book I have read all year. Tar is his nickname due to his constant anti-smoking ‘you’ll get tar in your veins’ or something along those lines smack melvin burgess he preached in his pre-heroin days.

Return to Book Page. Overall I think this book was okay, I liked the plot and if the characters were a little different and the p.

I had already seen smack melvin burgess saying how it so gritty and one of the best UKYA they had re After an exciting trip to a different library near me as my closest is very small and the YA smavk is even smaller.

Before too long, they become severed from the outside world. I am being completely honest when I say there are better ways of dealing with things. Every chapter is told from someone else’s perspective, which was one of my favorite aspects of this book. What are you on? It melvib a terribly difficult book. But the sight of all smack melvin burgess blood scared me off thinking of cutting myself anymore.

Because the humor in it was none that I have heard before it was a smack melvin burgess confusing and annoying. B Ju [1] PZ7. And Lily, she was just insane, who nurses her baby while injecting smack in your breasts?!