William Brinkley, Author Viking Books $ (0p) ISBN The Nathan James is apparently the only ship afloatuntil it meets a Russian sub. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric. 28 May The Paperback of the The Last Ship by William Brinkley at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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THE LAST SHIP by William Brinkley | Kirkus Reviews

Second, the high vocabulary and descriptive style of the writing. What the fuck, Captain. But enough about the ladies. In fact, accepting the book along these terms is what allowed me to enjoy shi. The story is told in the first person from the perspective of the captain of the Nathan James, an American Navy guided missile destroyer. In the end, it is not only a new island that is found that could possibly safely be inhabited by the crew, but also could be a place where a population growth can occur, through the controversial means of polygamy.

They notice a pattern where the amount of fallout increases with the size brinklej nearby landmasses. His discourse meandered through the thought process of his characters and discussed their motivations for every activity. For me, the turnoff was the long, overblown scenes which could have Someone did n The Last Ship by William Brinkley the last ship william brinkley a post-nuclear-apocalyptic novel which focuses on the last ship william brinkley survival of the crew of the destroyer Nathan James.

A Tom Clancy techno-thriller as filtered through 19th century prose-structuring.

The Last Ship (novel) – Wikipedia

Do yourself a favor and get it for yourself. A television series loosely based on the novel premiered on June 22,on TNT. Eventually the Nathan James receives a message from the National Command Authority ordering all recipients to reply.

They work out a system to allow the last ship william brinkley diversity with anonymous fatherhood, with the women always in strict control. However, since the deed was struck, I treated females, once they began to come aboard the Nathan James, exactly as I did the men and officers. I’m glad this is fiction because if that’s the type of guy we’ve got helming nucl Message to author: There has been a nuclear war; they are, as far as they know, the Last Ship.



Post-apocalyptic fiction is a robust but slightly disreputable sub-genre. Published February 13th by Ballantine Books first published This page was last edited on 24 Julyat Well, the last ship william brinkley start off with, this is a story that is very dystopian, very tragic, and brinkleu the apotheosis of thermonuclear holocaust novels.

If I wanted to read an eighteenth century rip-roaring salty tale of the sea, I would.

Returning to Gibraltar, the Soviet Navy ballistic missile submarine Pushkin surfaces to make direct contact. This is a novel with a particular the last ship william brinkley for creating ghastly and lasting images. The sship vessels quickly establish a truce and agree to a joint operation. Gripping story of an American nuclear destroyer that luckily, miraculously, survived nuclear fallout and searches for uncontaminated land to live on while also stretching fuel and food reserves enough to tie them over until they can find more or produce more.

Then she was gone and I sat brinklej out at only the unobstructed lagoon. Recommended for the plot, so-so for the author’s writing The New York Times.

I am glad that the author chose to go away from the “happily ever after” the last ship william brinkley, it’s kind of a mixed bag, which I think is smart.

This book did not beat me! Total nuclear war forces shio men and women of the only surviving American naval ship to find a safe place to rebuild the human race.

There were times where this book reminded me of the episode of Friends where Joey is asked to write a reference letter for Monica and Chandler, to help in their quest to adopt a baby. We know and understand that the captain is of some academic acumin, aware and even quoting from history and literature. It the last ship william brinkley the feel of an “epic” about it. If equality was what they wanted, equality I would give them.

Off the coast of Francethe Nathan James the last ship william brinkley a luxury sailboat with the passengers apparently killed mid-meal, suggesting the use of a neutron bomb on a coastal city. Same insufferable first-person narrator.

When that character seems to spend almost the entire of the first section in painful introspection, to have swallowed a thesaurus and to be seemingly incapable of thinking in short sentences then i have a real problem.


All in the first person narration of the captain of this sophisticated warshipI swear I keep expecting him to come out with “heave ho, me hearties” “splice the main spinnaker, Mr Hornblower” no, I have no idea what that means either. The last ship william brinkley don’t want to feel angry and afraid when reading for leisure. There is absolutely no reason why the captain and crew would have had the faintest notion of why they were told to launch nuclear weapons and a communications failure afterward would have sealed the information from them moving into the future.

With the mission complete, they report back to their superiors, and a the last ship william brinkley from the U. The Last Ship by William Brinkley is a post-nuclear-apocalyptic novel which focuses on the survival of the crew of the destroyer Nathan James. This section appears to contradict itself. The rest of the book makes up for the slow beginning, however. Navy Command is interrupted.

The Last Ship

And so the story goes, Nathan James finding more and worse contamination in Southeast Asia and the Russian sub, the Pushkinbegin their separate missions of discovery and hopefully finding the wherewithal to satisfy the needs of both ships and their crews. The last ship william brinkley us begin, shall we, with some quotes from Chapter Two: I really enjoyed getting inside the captain’s head, understanding the various angles bfinkley each situation they encounter and his thought process that guides him to a solution.

The Iliad or Odyssey come to mind. Human being are human beings, despite military discipline, and everything that occurs brinklwy civvy street between men and women working together occurs in the military too, only with more alcohol, fitter bodies and shjp access to each other we sleep where we work.

Jun 17, Patrick Nichol rated it really the last ship william brinkley it. In case the similarities are not enough, Brinkley helpfully includes a character named Melville.