PS Incompatible license is a matter of opinion. They form one work, when combined with WordPress, and necessarily contain WordPress code and WordPress-derivative code. Just curious as how exactly a theme could possibly alter WordPress core code by other means than actually altering the code in the core PHP files themselves. Versions up to that decision would of course need to remain GPL. So, effectively, GPL compliance just became voluntary. FAQs What about making money? Also if the developer then sells the same customized theme to another client then this is surely a distribution and hence no copyright can be offered to the client.

All this debate does is make Thesis sound better and more important than every other theme that exists. The finest folks on the web run Thesis: You forgot to mention one important issue: As far as the code is concerned, they form one functional unit. WordPress, and the active theme. On that simple view, it looks like a multi-layered sandwich.

So where does WP reps draw the line? If we can achieve this level of business support then we as WordPress users will experience orders of magnitude more choices than we see today. Not in this lifetime. This needed to be kept between the two parties, instead of making it public, where everyone drums up support for the side they are on. Keeps us on our toes. Thesis 182 wp theme clear things up, hopefully….

What are your views about Jetpack comments?

But if these themes are indeed fully GPL licensed, than yes, you can do all of the above. How could a developer actually make that claim with a thesis 182 wp theme face? Eric We are doing same for our Buddypress media component project at http: Pretty much every other premium theme developer has been convinced to switch to the GPL, without threat of lawsuit.

Have been trying to sort for weeks. Fantastic job of explaining it in non-technical terms. Enticing people to adopt the GPL via inclusion into premium theme directory, etc.

If you do thesis 182 wp theme consent, do not use this website. But like all salmon are fish but not all fish are salmon there are many businesses who cannot or will not be able to make a profit given GPL.

By using this website, you consent to use of these tools.

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Great post and thanks Kind regards Ben. You could offer enhanced support. I am glad I am not bonkers when I start my soapbox routine. Thesis 182 wp theme PHP code consists largely of calls to WordPress functions and sparse, minimal logic to control which WordPress functions are accessed and how many times they will be called.

Thanks for taking the time to explain how themes work.

There were a lot of faulty arguments floating around for why Thesis should be GPL, and I wanted to clarify my reasoning. No, simply naming your theme using style.

Thesis 2: The missing design and template manager for WordPress

This is what makes WordPress themes so powerful and flexible. Unless you are saying: The words can be used interchangeably in this context. Thesis thesis 182 wp theme equipped with the most refined customization tools the WordPress theme world has ever seen. The Thesis developer who did some of the lifting confessed to it much to his credit. I hope you can clarify.

They wrote the license, so you should consider carefully what they have to say when trying to determine the spirit of the GPL:. They have no legal liability. Avoiding that and repeating same arguments each day without any resolution is pointless.

A quick search found this Adobe blog post thesis 182 wp theme a plugin an Adobe employee had written to help WordPress users moderate comments it communicates with a standalone Adobe Air app. This is the most thorough, and yet understandable info on the issue. MIT license is more permissive. Then, reading the solution on snipplr snipplr.

What you could do is offer a theme under thesis 182 wp theme split license.

What does this have to do with the issue? This is because Thesis, by default, does not automatically remove the default WordPress commenting system and replace it with Jetpack comments. Your comment and thesis 182 wp theme like it are simply FUD trying to drive users away from Thesis.

I turned down 2 clients recently that wanted Thesis sites.