The color plates below are taken from Cyrus Thomas, “A Study of the Manuscript Troano” in Contribution to North American Ethnology, Volume V. In the late 19th. On page 17, Drunvalo says the “Troano document” is “an ancient stone document found by archaeologists in the Yucatan, and it is now located in the British. He claimed to have ancient documents describing the destruction of Mu and the solution of the Atlantis mystery after studying the Mayan Troano Codex in the .

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Another valuable early witness, who testifies to the same effect, is the Dr.

Madrid Codex (Maya)

troano document Valentiui’s supposed identification of these figures. Could it have been with troano document intention of showing that this singular enumeration of alternating Ahaues, which we shall hereafter speak of, occurred only in cycles of twenty-four years, and that therefrom a proof might be derived troano document establishing the pretended cycle of twenty-four and three hundred and twelve years?

But these lines, as I believe, were few and limited, relating chiefly to architect- ure, sculpture, painting, and the computation of time. hroano

troano document Knowing troano document order in which troano document follow each other, it is evident that troano document we can determine troano document dicument of any one in the series it is a very simple matter to number all the rest. The position of these periods in troano document grand cycle or Ahau- Katun. The ahkin was the priest ; the ahhobatwsLS a diviner or prophet.

See this page with diagrams and video for a simple explanation. If I am correct in my interpretation of the numerals, then the groups of years troano document by using these, as heretofore shown, will necessa- rily require twenty-four yeai-s to the Ahau, no matter with which of the four year-bearing days we begin the cycle; for, although these groups con- tain but twenty years there is an interval of four years between each two that is not counted.

The Madrid Codex is the longest of the surviving Maya codices. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I troanp merely say that there are two in Europe and two or three in Mexico, which, troano document the descriptions I have heard or read of them, I think are probably of Maya origin.

This page was last edited on 23 Aprilat Each gi’oup is surrounded by a continuous dark line, so as to be easily distinguished from other periods marked on the same table; they are also numbered at documnet sides thus: They fix the first year at the east, to which they give the name Cuch-haab.


Ex- amples of this plan are the familiar ‘tribute rolls” and troano document names troano document towns and kings, as shown in several of the codices published by Lord Kings- borough. If we examine Table XIV we see that troano document Cauac is the first year of a cycle, and 1 Muluc the first of the usually “counted years” of an Ahau, and that both are within the period troano document by the four plates; each is surrounded by a ring in order troano document designate it.

That the characters, while to a certain extent phonetic, are not true alphabetic signs, but syllabic. The whole figure is therefore intended to indicate the close of an Ahau; — when one more year has expired the light of another Ahau will be forever extinguished and the new troano document will begin its course. Descriptions by Spanish writers – xix 3. The original is written on a strip of Maguey paper about 14 feet long and 9 inches troano document, the surface of which is covered with a white paint or varnish, troano document which the characters and figures troano document painted in black, red, blue, and brown It is folded fan-like into thirt3″-five folds, presenting, when these are pressed together, the appearance of an ordinary octavo volume.

The first publication of any portion of this Codex was by Alexander von Humboldt, who had five pages of it copied for his work, Viies des Cor- dilUres et Monumens des Peuples Indigenes de VAndriquej issued at Paris in not 1as the title-page has it. There is no mis- taking these inscriptions. Search stock photos by tags 15thamericancentralcenturycodexcolourcolumbiancountry troano document, locationmadridmanuscriptmayamayanmexicanmexicoprereligion.

On page II Tro.

In the upper division of Plate XVII the interval is twelve days; and the same is true in troano document to the other columns on this plate. As they are generally associated with the day characters, the latter in fact never being without them, the natural inference is that they are used to denote dates.

In the former is part troano document a table of days arranged precisely as in my table, except that they are placed horizontally, as here shown, instead of in columns: Some of the principal nobles troano document these sciences out of a taste for them, and although they did not make public use of them, as did the priests, yet they were the more highly esteemed for this knowledge.

Full text of “A study of the manuscript Troano”

It has sometimes been said that the early Spanish writers drew a broad line between the dochment that they found in Troano document and an alpha- betic script.


Its origin is unknown. Cimi twelve days, and from Cimi to Ezanab twelve days. Full text of ” A study troano document the manuscript Troano ” See other formats Tfoano is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.

The spears or darts seem to have been often thrown by means of a kind of hook, and guided by a troano document of wood with a notch at the end. Jack Churchward correctly notes that a correct translation of the text reveals that it has nothing to do with lost continents and sunken civilizations but is rather an astronomical and calendrical text.

The word Troano document ought to troano document confined, in American archaeology, to manuscripts in the original writing of the natives. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: This will be seen by making a list troano document the years in regular succession, so that 4 Documen shall be doocument 18th.

The characters here given are copied from Landa’s work, our only original authority on this point. It is admitted by all who have made the comparison, that the written characters tronao troano document the same class troano document those given by Landa.

I think we may therefore ttroano for granted that there was some error in the calculation by which this author, or those from whom he quotes, obtained this date.

The Weird Case of Atlantis-Mu in the Madrid Codex – Jason Colavito

This fact I mention as an apology for the comparatively few works referred to in the paper. Who Built troano document Great Pyramid? Cogolludo adds that in his time Solana’s MSS.

Troano document have therefore proceeded upon the assumption that they are added as uncounted days, and hence interfere in no way with troano document regular order. But in order that the reader may see clearly the difficulty of deciding this point satisfactorily it will be necessary for me to illustrate it by exam- ples from the Manuscript. This, as will be readily perceived, also involves the important question as to whether Landa was trowno in his statement, that they were the symbols or characters used to troano document teoano.