Buy Turba Philosophorum on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. The Turba Philosophorum, also known as Assembly of the Philosophers, is one of the oldest European alchemy texts. Among the treatises that have been published, the Turba Philosophorum occupies a Ruska’s edition of the Turba 4 has not yet been fully evaluated. Not one.

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The ex- planation is to be sought in the fact that the operations of nature were a region of awe and wonder to early experi- ment. The one keeps back the other, so that it has no opportunity to fly, and it finds no place to escape ; hence all are made permanent, for when the one falls, being hidden in the body, it is congealed with it, and its colour varies, and it extracts its nature from the pro- perties which God has infused into His elect, and it alienates it, lest it flee.

The Twenty -Seventh Dictum. Imbue the stone seven times, and cleanse, until it be disintegrated, and its body be purged from all defilement, and become earth. Then cook the same, mixed with milk of ferment, until the milk fail ; afterwards extract it, and until it become dry evaporate the moisture by heat. Have you not remarked how tenuous water is drawn up into the air by the action of the heat of the Sun, which thus helps the water against itself?

Create your own Private Collection by searching or browsing to find items of interest and then adding them to a collection. Zosimus, the Panopolite, may be cited in confirmation of this point ; he says: Know ye that our gum is stronger than gold, and all those who know it do hold it more honourable than gold, yet gold we also honour, for without it the gum cannot be improved.


Wash away its blackness according to custom, and cleanse and roast at an equable fire until it be whitened, But every body is whitened with governed quicksilver, for Nature converts Nature. Yet I testify that God is one, having never engendered or been begotten, and that the head of all things after Him is earth and fire, because fire is tenuous and light, and it rules all things on earth, but the earth, being ponderous and gross, sustains all things which are ruled by fire.

The Turba Philosophorum : Arisleus :

Understand, further, that no complex substance which lacks fire eats, drinks, or sleeps, because in all things which have a spirit fire is that which eats. I run this site completely alone, and it costs me a lot of time and money to do so. This, therefore, is sufficient for those who deal with the Art of Coins, because one thing makes it but many operate therein.

Let it stay there from evening till morning. Cook the copper until it be- come a gentle and impalpable body, and impose in its own vessel ; then sublimate the philosophorym six or seven times until the water shall descend. It is not, of course, certain that the original is irretrievably lost, the Lhilosophorum and Syriac manuscripts treating of early chemistry are preserved in considerable numbers in the various libraries of Europe, and have only been imperiectly explored.

Woe unto all ye fools!

Thou hast spoken excellently well, O Parmenides, but thou hast not demonstrated the disposition of the smoke to posterity, nor how the same is whitened! Until it has attained this condition, it is difficult to retain, and is mortal.

Woe unto you who seek the very great and compensating treasure of God!

Turba Philosophorum

Zosimus On the Substances and Non-substances of Art. People who viewed this also viewed. The reference is apparently to the closing of the mouth of the vessel. Know also that if ye rule it ignorantly, ye shall see nothing of those colours.


My own editions take me anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to create. Philosophoru is pounded, and water is poured upon it seven times until it absorbs the whole humour, and receives a force which is equal to the hostility of the fire; then it is called rust.

In these words there is shewn forth unto you the whole work.

Rule the same by cooking and pounding, until it becomes a most excellent crocus. The substitute for his true name phulosophorum light and fire. Burn therefore the copper, break it up, deprive it of its blackness by cooking, imbuing, and washing, until the same becomes white. In this, also, urine plays an important part. The most bizarre terms of the Turba did not find favour with Western Alchemists ; Efflucidinus is a special instance in point. Sketchyfish rated tudba really liked it Aug 23, And the 28 The Turba Philosophomm.

I will speak, therefore, of venom, and will instruct future genera- tions that venom is not a body, because subtle spirits have made it into a tenuous spirit, have tinged the body and burned it with venom, which venom the Philosopher asserts will tinge every body. The inspissation thereof takes place when it is divided in heaven by the elongation of the Sun ; its rarefaction is when, by the exaltation of the Sun in heaven, the air becomes warm and is rarefied.

Cook the same with Permanent Water, which is always with it, until the water be dried up. Have ye not seen how thrice-great Hermes infused the red into the body, and it was changed into an invariable colour?