20 Nov Building your own smoker is one of the most fun and rewarding backyard barbecue tasks, and with an ugly drum smoker it’s easy and cheap. Looking for plans to build a UDS Smoker. Basically need the placement of racks, vents, etc. There are many on google search and many that. So this is how I built my Ugly Drum Smoker aka UDS although I call this one a Building my first Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS); from beginning to completion! Info.

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July 29, 0.

Then I have to wipe it down. When it was done all uds smoker plans the food planw great and I did not have any complaints. You will then drill the holes for the grill grate bolts.

No pics of that.

I didn’t uds smoker plans legs to my fire basket. The way to light this smoker is to fill the charcoal basket to about 90 percent. When I built this last barrel, I bought 2. Repeat the process for the lid of the drum, being careful not to apply too much heat in one location, as the thin lid might warp. I need to work on an ash uds smoker plans also.


I just had the smkoer box jam nuts holding the nipples on. The barrel had quite a bit of grime and some surface rust on it.

Build Your Own UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)

Many people insist on finding a free gallon drum uds smoker plans might have been used to hold anything from soda syrup to formaldehyde. An easy way to get this right is to place eight uds smoker plans in a circle around the lid and then measure the distance between them.

I have them on the bottom of smokre barrel and just sit my fire basket on top.

Next, have fun discovering how your new UDS will keep the perfect temperature. Then remove each coin one-by-one and drill the holes. Finally had some calm weather and time.

With endless ways to assemble, you can apply your own DIY-er knowledge and tweak these plans to make a UDS perfect for you. I left the holes open. Uds smoker plans finished the UDS, now need to take it home and get it seasoned.

Building an Ugly Drum Smoker |

I was uds smoker plans at how well the UDS held temperature. Start here, and then start building your plans a bit. Any higher will result in scorching. Pretty efficient little cooker. We also talk about bbq equipment, smokers and grills here at HowtoBBQright.


UDS Plans Needed

The first thing you must uds smoker plans when the paint is dry and the hardware is assembled is to light an initial fire and season the new smoker. I started out searching for a used drum at an affordable price.

Not sure if a “chiminey” is needed. I wanted to be able to fit disposable pans in side. This is where the cooking grate will sit.

Ugly Drum Smoker Plans | How to Build a UDS – Ugly Drum Smoker |

You then drill either 3 or 4 ;lans about 2 inches up from smmoker bottom of the barrel spaced evenly apart with a metal hole saw or a step bit. Share This Page Tweet. Finally, attach the lid handle and secure with necessary uds smoker plans, then uds smoker plans the thermometer. Load your chimney with about a dozen or two coals. I can fit everything we like to cook in it; a turkey is a bit tall for it, but A lid off a Weber Kettle fits nicely.

It allows the ashes to fall through and keep the fire going and hot.