UL AB. Wire Connectors. standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 04/27/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Buy UL AB Ed. 1 () Wire Connectors from SAI Global. 7 Feb UL A. ISBN Wire Connectors and Soldering for Wire Connectors for Use With Aluminum Conductors, UL B; and.

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Torque corresponding to the conductor size of each connector in the line; F. The spacing need not be maintained if a solid insulating backboard separates the test samples from the building floor, ceiling, or ul 486a-486b. Composition may be filled or unfilled. If flashover between the electrode and a normally insulated live part occurs, ul 486a-486b supplementary insulation is to be repaired and the test is to be repeated.

Unit Container ul 486a-486b The smallest container in which connectors are packaged. Absorption Test 24 Marking Each sample, not assembled to a conductor or conductors, is to be placed on a flat metal plate in a position most likely to result in breakdown to the ul 486a-486b end when the test potential is applied between the metal plate and all insulated metal parts of the connector.

Materials 28 Marking These washers are to be plated steel having an SAE configuration compatible with the diameter of the bolt. A Catalog of UL Standards for Ul 486a-486b with costs and ordering information is also available from this office. For example, for a connector rated amperes with two conductor openings and a conductor range of kcmil — No.

Preparation of Samples 10 8.

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Immersion Test 24 Tearing or breaking of the insulation is ul 486a-486b if the results of a repeated dielectric voltage-withstand test are acceptable. The method used is to be such that test connections are not disturbed during handling of the samples and to reduce the 486a-486bb of tensile loads to the test connectors through test or supply conductors. Composition with a specific gravity less than 1.

The stranding is to be concentric or compressed Class B ul 486a-486b concentric Class C. Material of connector body; C.

Each sample is to be embedded in No. Packaging Container — The container which the unit containers are packaged.

A breakdown — flashover — is not acceptable. Tang-type connectors are to be bolted back-to-back and the ul 486a-486b mounted on the free end of the conductors — see paragraph 7. The observance of the requirements of this Standard ul 486a-486b a manufacturer is one of the conditions of the 486a-486n coverage of the manufacturer’s product.


Static-Heating Test 19 The test potential is to be ul 486a-486b for a connector rated volts and is to be volts for a connector rated volts — volts for up and lighting fixtures luminaires. A connector sample set with the size ul 486a-486b that corresponds to the ampere rating is to be subjected to the full static-heating sequence.

K Strip ul 486a-486b may be specified as a single — nominal — value if tested as specified in paragraph 7. A product which ul 486a-486b with the text of this Standard will not necessarily be judged to comply with the Standard if, when examined and tested, it is found to have other features which impair the level of safety contemplated by these requirements.

The mounting means is not to be retightened during the testing program. Values in brackets are applicable to connectors with assigned ampere ratings. The spacing may be reduced to a minimum of 6 inches mm if ul 486a-486b thermal barrier is used between assemblies. The cross-section dimensions of a bus bar may be as follows: Drop Test 23 The samples are ul 486a-486b to be allowed to cool to ul 486a-486b temperature. The mechanical sequence on any particular conductor size need not be repeated if it has been conducted as part of the static-heating sequence.

This symbol may consist of ul 486a-486b individual catalog number, a type designation, a size designation, such as 12, or an equivalently significant symbol. Selection of Samples General 6. Revisions of this standard will be made by issuing revised or additional pages bearing their date of issue.

UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

The connector requires the use of a specific tool for its application, and b. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A bolt is ul 486a-486b be plated steel, SAE Grade 2, UNC thread having a maximum standard diameter compatible with the hole or holes in the ul 486a-486b tang and a minimum standard length allowing at least a ul 486a-486b projection through the nut.

If a specified mounting means includes auxiliary anti-rotation means, such means is not to increase the thermal mass or heat- radiating capabilities of 486a-4866b assembly. For one series, samples of the connector axe to be secured to the combination ul 486a-486b conductors of the smallest cross-sectional area, or the the smallest conductor, if ul 486a-486b one conductor is intended to be secured; and for the second series, the samples are 486a-48b6 be secured to the combination of largest total cross-sectional area, or the largest conductor, if only one conductor is intended to be secured.


For a neutral bar, the basic sample set is to consist of a double set of three ul 486a-486b holes cut from a length of the neutral bar. The new and revised requirements are substantially in accordance with UL’s bulletin on this subject dated September 26, The ul 486a-486b are then to be assembled or crimped to conductors in the intended manner. When connectors are used in such circuits, the stress-relief insulation prescribed by the manufacturers of shielded cables 486q-486b to be provided when these connectors are installed.

Examples of clamping means are 1 u, screws with or without use 486a-486v a pressure plate, 2 a pressure plate or plates ul 486a-486b a screw or screws, 3 deformation of the. Where considered appropriate, revision of requirements shall be proposed and adopted in conformance with the methods employed for development, revision, and implementation of this standard.

If more than one conductor is secured by a single clamping means, additional sample sets may be ul 486a-486b. UL shall not incur any obligation or liability for damages, including consequential ul 486a-486b, arising out of or in connection with the use, interpretation of, or reliance upon this Standard.

The first stated value is the requirement. For example, for a connector rated amperes, No. For a connector intended for conductor sizes No. A unit container of ul 486a-486b or fewer connectors may be marked with a reference to an identifying number on an information sheet as described in paragraph The marking shall be on the unit container in which the connector is packaged or on an information sheet packed in the unit container.